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    AJA Lhi


      I am using an AJA Lhi card in my Mac with PP CS4.  I am capturing by component from a Sony HDV camera.  I would like to speak with someone who uses this setup and can give me the configuration that they use that makes everything work.  So far my problems are that the output monitor has vertical lines in the test pattern and now when capturing on the video.  And audio is not coming through the mixer to the card...but it does show on the mixer and comes out the AJA card via the board to the studio speakers.  I know this is just trial and error but it would be nice and cut to the chase with someone who has been there.  I've been using compressed DVCPRO HD 1920x1080 8 bit as the capture codec.  Any one one out there with the same set up?

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Why are you using such a convoluted procedure to capture HDV?  Why not use the proper procedure and just capture via Firewire?  The only thing you are accompishing is causing yourself trouble and reducing your output quality.

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            JCschild Level 3

            is your camera a "Tape" camera or other storage format.

            if Tape and not capturing Live (direct input to computer) there is no point to bringing it in any other way than firewire.

            if not tape or you are capturing live then it may make sence. as you may be able to bring it in uncompressed.

            (assuming your drives are up to it)




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              No the camera is tape only.  As I mentioned before the reason for the component capture is due to AJA Kona's LHi cards ability to use I frames vs T frames and capture the footage in 1920x1080 (1.5) vs 1440x1080 (1.33).  It had been working when I first posted this however since then the card went belly up, AJA sent a new one, it is not playing well with CS4 and now all projects HD or SD crash when I attempt to look at or do anything.  The drivers have been reinstalled, CS4 has been reinstalled...nothing...I am dead in the water.  So I removed the card, uninstalled all drivers and plug ins and it appears to have come back to life.  I hope someone from AJA reads this before Monday rolls in because they are going to be on the phone for a long time until this is resolved.  So WARNING WIL ROBINSON watch out when using the LHi card and MAC CS4 it appears to be buggy!

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                schlossd Level 1

                UPDATE:  Problem fixed.  Turns out after hours and days of no sleep, excessive consumption of JD and a call to tech support...AJA has a driver posted on their site for their LHi card that is for MACs built after 2008.  Since my little workhorse was born in Sept 2007 that was the problem.  I used the driver in their archives library and Wha-LA everything flows.  The lesson here, better whiskey!