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    Calender for website NEED HELP!!!


      I am building a website for my baseball team with Dreamweaver and want to have a "schedule page". Basically, I want it to be a page that has a calender that shows the games with like either a link or hover link for each game that would open a popup or hover window showing the details of the game such as time, location, two teams playing etc. If possible I would also like this calender to have like a next three games area that updates on my main page so the fans can see the upcoming games. Is any of this possible?? If so how do I do any of this? I am not all that advanced with Dreamweaver and have the starter pages but really want this added feature to make my site that much better. I am aware you can embed something like a google calender but want to have one I have full control over and work with. I want this calender to be in the style and colors of my website so that it goes along with it. I am new and novice at all of this but want to learn how to accomplish this. I hope some one can tell me how to do this. I look forward to someone shedding light and telling me how this is done. Thank you in advance!



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          There are several sites that offer both free and "for a small fee"... exactly what you're hoping to do. I'm not an advocate for any of them, so I don't want to recommend any, but a simple google search for "html calendar" (or something along those lines...) will yield several possibilites...


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            Creating a calender is a bit complicated so I'd recommend the same thing jessegiga does, find one with a google search. Probably one of the simplest to use and embed is google calendar. The only problem is there is very little customization as far as looks go (people will know its google calendar). But it's easy to have multiple people manage, add, remove content, etc. You can resize it to fit, and change minor settings. That's what I'd suggest. If its a local team, I'm sure using a google product won't be a big problem.