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    A Newbie needs help...?


      Installed CS4 on a new Tos

      hiba laptop w/Win 7Pro.

      Seems to be properly installed but when I

      connect to a Panasonic AG-DV1000 or

      a DV2500 to capture, an error mess

      age appears

      "Can't acti

      vate recorder.  Try resetting camera

      ."   Will reconi

      ze a AG-DVC80 camcorder, but I cannot loop AV from a DVD thru' a camcorder as I do with 6.5 via IEEE.

      Next, I tried to install CS4 on my main editing 'puter (Win XP Pro) and the 'lavender' loading screen goes to Bias.dll and that is it, no program.

      Task master does not 'see' any loaded programs either.  Any advice?  I did try 'tech support', but this old fart does not hear well and trying to communicate with someone who speaks English as a third language just didn't work...