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    Problem while reordering a managed collection


      I'm trying to implement a feature that allows users to freely re-arrange items into a managed collection, using Drag and Drop. I'm using a TileList object, which already has built-in support for Drag and Drop, provided by Flex.
      A FDS destination (implemented by a Java class) is used to fill the collection with data (the fill method gets called).

      The problem is when the user tries to re-arrange the items in the list, using DnD. The Flex client sends to FDS a "delete" operation message, followed by a "create" one. I don't really want to do a "delete" and a "create" on the server side / (FDS's managed collection and the uunderlying database), as there's no really a delete and a create, it's rather a "move" sort of thing that should happen.

      What I want FDS to do is to ignore the list of changes ("delete" and "create") on it's sync method, somehow manage to re-arrange it's managed collection, and send an OK back to the client, without doing any auto-refresh. that is, I don't need any database trip to happen here for now.

      I'm having trouble making these to happen. I tried various approaches so far, with no success. Any ideas?