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    I have an illustrator file that I was working on yesterday and today I can't open it!




      I am working on some advertisements in illustrator and I am having a problem.


      For the last week now I have been working on these advertisements and everyday I save it when I'm finishing to go home. I come back the next morning to open the file and keep on working and illustrator crashes as soon I attempt to open it. I have had the same problem when opening indesign and flash documents as well.


      The only way I have been able to open these documents is to copy all of the documents in question and paste them onto a USB and make a new user on my computer (24in iMac 3.06GHz 4GB RAM running 10.6.2) and once the new user is created I can paste the items into the new user and then they open just fine BUT! If I work with this user for the rest of the day and come in the next day THIS USER can't open the files anymore. So the process starts all over again.


      I don't know if this is relivant but we are currently running trail versions of CS4 because my employer doesn't want to purchase the software until I can prove to him its as useful as I say it is and this is not giving a good impression!


      Thanks for any and all help