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    PLEASE HELP, saving a Template of my page


      I am faced with a problem when:


      I created a Template for my Website in Dreamweaver CS4 by clicking "File | Save As Template|Save" from the menu. I then went through a series of steps to create editable pages, I finally saved the template by clicking "File | Save" from the menu.
      After which I closed all the files and proceed to open them up again ( in an attempt to associate my Home Page with my new Template)- that's where this stopped for me.


      When I clicked "File| New, and clicked the "Page from Template" in the leftmost column, and click it. I saw the name of my site in the second column, the "Site" column, However I did not see the template I made previously in the third column ("index"). A preview picture of my template did not appear in the window on the right.

      Please advise on this matter ASAP- I appreciate your help

      Thank you