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    Exporting media - Setting up hard drive


      I have a pretty good computer but i keep on getting huge LAG in any video i render but mpeg2 at 29FPS. Here is my system specs.


      Core i5 3.8ghz overclocked and stable

      4gb 1600mhz cl7 ram

      gts 250 1gb

      intel 32nm G2 SSD (OS, Programs)

      1tb caviar black

      640gb caviar black

      seagate 7200.12 500gb lying around (heard the seagate has better write than the caviar)


      The camcoder im using is the Sony HD-sr11 that has 1080 60i


      I have the programs and OS on the SSD and i have the 640gb where the movie goes and the 1tb where it picks files from.


      Why can't i do h.264? Why will i get very low FPS in any format but mpeg2 1080i only at 29fps?


      Is it the pagefile? Or what?


      Help will be appreciated. I leave the computer on for the night for it to render. Don't do anything apart from having premiere and the exporter minimized in background.