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    FB3 b2 Wont Build Project

      Hey guys.

      I downloaded Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 (mac). I started to install it, but it warned me that I had a previous installation and that it was likely to fail. Being cautious and giving Adobe the benifit of the doubt, I uninstalled my previous version, and then installed Flex Builder 3 Beta 2. opened it up, fixed my workspace, and started editing my projects. Problem is, it won't build my project no matter what!;

      1. Tried to do a "Clean Build".
      2. Tried to toggle "automatically build".
      3. Turned "automatically build" off and tried building manually.
      4. Tried cleaning with "automatically build" off.
      5. Deleted my "bin" to force a build.
      6. Repeated steps 1 through 4.
      7. Closed Flex Builder 3, Re-opened Flex Builder 3, repeated steps 1 through 4.

      Am I missing something?

      Why won't it build? I'm going to kill my project and make a new one pretty soon if these updates don't help (update manager, which by the way, is failing on one of the downloads.)

      Help? Suggestions? Solutions?


      -- Robin