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    Clickhandler even between modules ....

    aktell2007 Level 1


      I’m trying in a very simple way to find out how to activate a CLICK handler event between two modules! (From one to another)


      Module one code: Btn calling submitHaqndler.

      [Event(name="submit", type="flash.events.Event")]
      public static const SUBMIT:String = "submit";
      private function submitHandler():void {
      dispatchEvent( new Event(SUBMIT));


      Module two code:

      private var myModCom:Object;
      private function moduleComHandler(e:Event):void {
      myModCom = step30.child as Object;
      myModCom.addEventListener( "submit", ??? Calling ??? );
      ??? From here it schould automaticly do the CLICK
      of the Btn which activates the module step30 ???
                   <mx:Button id="btnToBeClicked"/>
                   I did not include all the extra code which is in
                   the Btn calling the module!


      If somebody has an idea? Any help much appriciated aktell 2007