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    Batch Rename


      I postet earlier (on October 30 2009) about this. I didn't get an answer to my question, so i'll giv it a try again. I often take pictures of people in a given order.



      1. John Smith
      2. Paul Chuck
      3. Sindy Doyle



      As i get the list (digital) with the names it would be very helpful to rename the pictures automatically with this filelist. Has anyone such a program or script done yet or would it be of general interest?


      By now i rename all the files manually. First i group the pictures to stacks. Second i open from stack to stack and select the pictures within. Third i press F2 for rename-dialog. Forth i put the name manually.


      All these clicks and dialog-changing is very time consuming.


      Thanks, Claus

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          JW Stephenson Level 4



          I can't think of a faster way to process the file name change than what you are already doing.  Maybe keyword by name first then you can easily sort in the metadata filter bar by name to ease the renaming process without using stacks.  Should be faster especially if you are keywording names anyway.


          Is there a better method for segregating the images when taken such that they are imported to a different directory for each person?  Some cameras allow you to change folders - maybe creating a new folder each time you change subjects (as long as they are shot in succession) would segregate them on import if you have not elected to ignore camera folders.


          Just a thought.  Didn't want you to think everyone was ignoring your question.