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    Flex, usability , FlexVsHTML5

    daslicht Level 2

      Hello Friends


      a while ago I decided to implement a Music Download Store using Flex technologie.


      Works great so far and I love Flex!



      Since I have to write a scientific work about it I have to be critical.


      I am afraid that my profs rather prefer something like this: http://www.useit.com/


      So I have to find good arguments why I have choosen flex.



      [critique modus]


      What do you guys think about Flex compared to other technologies like for example HTML5, Javascript etc.?


      Is there a usability advantage using Flex ? Or better is there any advantage ?


      What about the future of Flex? For example Apple refuse to work together with Adobe as far as I heard.


      [/critique modus]


      Any thoughts are more than welcome.