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    Problems uploading?


      I have uploaded and maintained a number of site sin my life, all using the PC platform.

      Now, in my current job they're making use a MAc, which is fine. But so many problems come up.

      I fix 1 problem and another comes up.


      So after iI'm done editing a flash file i export as .swf AS THE SAME FILE NAME THAT EXISITS ON THE WEBSITE, so i won't have to worry about links and all. Now, most of the pages and swf updated. But some pages are yet to be refreshed/updated on the online site. (Mind me for my noobish language).


      Is there a delay on my server? or is something wrong with my codes(i highly doubt it, i've triple/quuadrupled checked my codes)? What could be going on? I need the website to be working asap, my company runs alot of restaurants and need their new prmos up for valentines and chines enew year.