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    some implementation questions

    Kirill Boyko


      We have good experience of Adobe LiveCycle Forms 7.0 since 2006. Now we would like upgrade to ES2 and extend with Readers Extensions, Process Management and Rights. We are now studying possibility to have prototype for one process and have some questions:

      1/ Roles management. According to our business we have different types of roles.

      -         Hierarchical roles. Like employee – manager. This could be found in LDAP directory.

      -         Commerce roles. Like employee responsible for supplier which supplies particular type of product. This described in detail in our commercial systems.

      -         Functional. Like employee working in HR department is responsible for other employees working in IT department.


      Depending on that we need to establish mechanism for task assignment. My question is: what is the best way to do this? Is it possible to do a lookup in ordinary DB and not only LDAP database? Is it possible to define custom code to do a lookup? Am I right that it should just resolve to valid UserID in LiveCycle domains?


      2/ Process management. According to our business we need sometimes (very rarely, but) to interrupt a process. For example price negotiation process; it could have 3-4 manual validation. An administrator could identify that some of these processes were waiting for decision for quite a long time, so she need to take over that process. What is the best way to implement it?


      3/ Are there any way to display graphically what is the stage of particular process? Which phases are completed? Could you please give a link to documentation ?


      Thank you in advance