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    Video stills are blurred

    Chris Geary Level 1

      For several months now I have had problems exporting video stills.


      When I put a video online to view, I always also put a gallery of still images from that video. This allows people to view the video as photos and save them etc.

      I always use this method: Export, Media, Targa. Then select 720p, check the sequence box and choose 1fps.

      This then rendered out a nice series of photos, i.e. if the video was 1 minute long it would give me 60 photos.


      However about 2 months ago, (before I had installed the 4.2 update) the video stills I exported suddenly became blurred, as if I hadn’t turned off the “Frame Blend” option back in the CS3 days.


      I installed the CS4.2.1 update, thinking this may solve the problem but it didn’t.

      Does anyone have any ideas what is going wrong?

      Attached is an example using a basic logo as it spins (I’ve converted it into jpg for easier viewing). Why is it blurred like this?


      I am in the UK using 720p HD video at 25fps

      I also have the Matrox RT.X2 installed.