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    Using a fake semi-transparency - what's really possible?

    brightbelt Level 1


        I'm just now moving into DW CS4 (from cs3) and I'm on an intel iMac. I'm trying to make a table background that is semi-transparent while KEEPING text and photos 100% opaque. I'm already familiar with this kind of code: (just improvising here):


      .tableMain {

      background: transparent;





      But this makes EVERYTHING semi-transparent - content and all. I'd love to know if it is possible to keep the content fully in view.


      I've tried making a semi-transparent GIF or PNG background in Photoshop CS4 and using it for the table background, but that doesn't seem to work.


      I did discover this (perhaps unique to my site) solution for a fake semi-transparency: Since I've got a gradient background on my site (see www.frankbright.com/History.htm ), I took a 'Screen Snapshot' of the background, from the bottom of the navigation to as far down as I could go. Then I used PS CS4 to expand the canvas and color down to cover my long pages. (See Jazz Links)


      Then I used PS levels to darken the snapshot very slightly, so as to intimate a gray semi-transparent effect. Then I simply used that snapshot as the table background.


      This looks better on the long, clearer pages that have only text content. With the index3 home page, however,  you don't sense the semi-transparent effect I'm going for as much.


      I've also noticed the 'Extensions' area of the CSS interface in DW - does this have anything to do with what I'm trying to do?


      Anyways, I'm open to ideas, if anyone could suggest any.


      Many Thanks, Frank B.