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    Application lock up (#1887330) still an issue in Premiere Pro 4.2.1




      I am experiencing an application lock up in Premiere Pro 4.2.1 while playing an audio-only file in the source monitor. I'm not sure if this is the same problem that was fixed in version 4.0.1, but it seems like the same problem when I'm searching for solutions and find the list of bug-fixes in that patch/update.


      When I'm starting playback of an audio-only file in the source monitor I can't stop it again. It just loops (no - it is not the loop-button). Pressing the space-bar or the stop-button won't help - in fact nothing will make it stop again before I force the program to quit.


      I found another thread on this forum (Audio clips won't stop playing in clip monitor), but not much help in that. Anyone having the same issue?


      In need of help!


      (Windows 7, Intel Xeon, 6 GB RAM, Premiere Pro 4.2.1, Matrox MXOmini)