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    formatting text using css in actionscript3

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      I am pretty new to flash and action script but have successfully built a website and am now trying to bring in external text so as to be able to update text regularly without having to re publish. I have tried numerous explanations of how to use css in actionscript but none seem to work properly! I have two columns of text which have  headings in gillsans bold 14pt and a sub head in Helvetica neue itlaic bold 10pt and body copy in helv. neue regular 10pt.

      The heading is using a blue color and the rest in black. I have tried so many ways of formatting but I either get a blank screen or text which has no color change or no bold etc. Is there a specific way of putting in tags on the text file for css to read and likewise is there a specific way of writing css in  actionscript in flash to corespond with the tags in the text file?