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    Java ArrayList of ArraLists elements to show in DataGrid



      I am developing Flex UI with Java using BlazeDS. I have a question here:

      I am sending an ArrayList contains couple of arraylist objects to Flex front end. At front end I need to display this arraylist of arraylists data in a Grid.

      Column names in the grid to be displayed dynamically based on no.of column data in my arraylist.

      I already have these column names at front end. Basically I am sending the data back based on selection of these columns only.

      Here I can't use VO and DTO because number of columns I have display dynamically.

      Now I need to show these selected column names and data dynamically. I am using ArrayCollection and DatagridId.DataProvider, but i am not able to show the content in DataGrid.Could you any one help me please?