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    maxFileSize in FileManager




      We're trying out LCCS right now, using the components provided with the SDK. There's something I can't seem to find any documentation on, though: the maximum file size for file uploads through FileManager. It receives a CollectionNodeEvent with an itemId of "maxFileSize" specifying 10M. Can this number be changed (room-wide) in any way? I also can't seem to find the pricing model for data storage anywhere... can anybody help me out here? Forgive me if I'm overlooking something here.


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      Bas Horsting

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          Raff. Adobe Employee

          LCCS offers a temporary data storage mainly for exchange of small files during a collaboration session.

          The file size limit is 10Mb and it's not configurable.


          There is no pricing for data storage because "we don't offer data storage" as a main feature of LCCS.


          We have plans to enable the provided FileManager to store/retrieve data from an external service that you as the developer can implement and/or configure (a WebDAV repository, S3 or something similar). That way you can control how much storage you want to provide for your applications.

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            somersault Level 1

            Thanks! Sounds like a great idea teaming up with a "cloud storage" service for this. That would really round out the service.