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    Problems with DreamweaverCS4 and FlashCS4

    Horsepower0171 Level 1

      I have created with DreamweaverCS4 this page:




      At bottom of the page exist two Flash files.

      The first is created with Dreamweaver, and have the skin playback bar; with the menu: Insert>Common>multimedia object:FLV

      But this file appears bad, with a less frame rate, and with a jerky frames, if compared to the second Flash file.

      - Why?


      The second at very bottom of the page, is correct and is inserted as SWF file (Insert>Common>multimedia object:SWF) and created with Flash directly.


      For the first file, I selected in Dreamweaver the file:


      with the Skin Option: "Clear Skin 3 (min width 260)" and Dreamweaver created for me the object named:"SWF:FLVPlayer"


      I tried to create the second file with FlashCS4 and Published the Flash (.swf) file, and the .HTML file, named "3dCameraTrackerRegisterSolution.html".

      You can see the last correct Flash+HTML published file at this page:



      In this file the Skin is visible.


      But in the previous page: http://www.cavallodario.it/3DSMax.html the same file, at very bottom of the page, is the second Flash file that doesn't display the Skin!

      How can i do to display and incorporate the skin?

      Flash created other than "3dCameraTrackerRegisterSolution.swf" file, also the Skin file named: "SkinOverPlaySeekFullscreen.swf".


      - Where I should place this Skin file in Dreamweaver?

      I want incorporate, in Dreamweaver, this Skin file (made with Flash) in the "3dCameraTrackerRegisterSolution.swf" file, in the same manner of HTML file "3dCameraTrackerRegisterSolution.html" !

      - But how I can do?