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    Applying a cache to the page

    BearHNC Level 1


      I was wondering if there is a line of code that I could apply to a page so that it will cache to ensure that the user is viewing the most up-to-date version of a page. We are currently exibiting some issues with this on our current site, for some reason our company chooses to change there contact information on a very regular basis and returning customers have been calling old numbers because they are viewing old versions of a page. So does anyone know a line of code or a behavior I could set to ensure that our customers are viewing the most up-to-date of these ever changing pages.

      If viewing the site helps here is the link:



      Thanks in advance


      P.S. Just in case somebody wanted to comment on functionality. We plan on removing the code after a few weeks, the idea is to smooth over the transition. I know that removing a cache completly will hinder usability espacially because so much of the site is Flash based, so this is just for a single page in a transition state.