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    How to update Flash Builder 4 beta 2 so that it remains compatible with snapshots?

    Sebastien Arbogast

      I have Flash Builder 4 beta 2 STANDALONE installed on my Mac (MacOSX 10.6) and I just upgraded my Flex SDK to the latest stable snapshot ( Now it seems that the visual designer is not very happy with this upgrade.


      And in "Using Gumbo builds with Flex Builder" (http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Using+Gumbo+Builds+in+Flex+Builder) it is said that "Please note that the release of a milestone build will usually have an associated automatic update to Flex Builder that will include all relevant files."


      The question is how do I get that automatic update? I've tried Help/Software Updates/Find and install.../Updates for existing features, but it didn't find any updates. Any idea how I can revive my Design mode?