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    XMP Text Input Field Height


      I am using Flex Builder 3 to work on a custom tab page for Photoshop and Bridge.  It works well for a 1st crack at it.  I needed to make some adjustments in the height of the fields and I was able to do this with all except the XMP Text Input fields.  I have run into an issue when I try to change the height for an XMP Text Input field.  I am using version 3.4.1 SDK.  When I try to change it to "height=36" it does so in the Design view of Flex. (Flex 3 Design Screen.jpg & Flex 3 Source Screen.jpg)  When I compile and publish the page it seems to go back to a default setting that is too small. I have attached screen shots to show what is happening. (Flex 3 CS4 Photoshop FileInfo.jpg.)


      Anybody have any thoughts on how to fix this?