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    Isolating Black Lines via Live Trace




      I have a pop art-style illustration and I'm trying to isolate the black lines so that it is essentially a black line drawing with a transparant background that can be placed over a color background.


      Here is what I started with: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-illustration-10341337-retro-comic-style-smiling.php.


      I pulled this into Illustrator and did a Live Trace, which took away the color and left only the black line drawings (Exactly what I wanted to happen!).

      But, I need the white background/fill to go away.


      So, I put it into Photoshop and selected all the black and pasted it onto it's own layer. With a transparant layer behind the black outlines, I placed the image back in Illustrator and did another Live Trace. I thought this would smooth out the black lines and leave me with just black outlines, but again I have a white fill. I've attached the documument so that you can see where I'm at. I'd appreciate any tips on how to accomplish this!


      So, just to be clear, my end goal is to place the black line drawing sans white fill on top of a colored background.