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    Re: Repairing index entries from Broken Links crashes RoboHelp 8 (P. Grainge)

    gsmichaels Level 1

      I read the above referenced note on the Peter Grainge website  > Using RoboHelp8 with interest. However, I would appreciate clarification of the workaround:


      "The workaround is to double click the broken link so that you can see the keyword that needs fixing. Then to go to the Index editor and fix it there."


      In my project, the broken links were attached to bookmarks or topics. I have repaired them inside the Hyperlink dialog (editor). I save the topic. RH8 crashes. I check in the topic in RoboSource, then reopen the project and topic. This generally resolves the issue. It is, however, time consuming. I'm wasting an hour a day on this at the moment.


      So, clarification of the "Then to go to the Index editor and fix it there." statement -- assuming that this describes a quicker, simpler solution -- would be appreciated.