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    Access Violation in module "Flash10d.ocx"


      Hi, I am playing some old flash animations that where created using flash 7 and flash 8.  When I uninstall all flash active X versions on my

      computer and install flash 7.. one of the animations work, if I install flash 8 the other story works, therefore if i install both 7 and 8 both stories work.  The problem occurs when I install flash 10, which most the users have, I get the following error while hovering over some objects in the animation: "Access violation at address 000A439F in module "Flash10d.ocx". Read of address 00000018."  I don't have the source project files, the animation is already built.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  If a flash version upgrade is required within the animation source, is there any way to upgrade it without using the source files?  The file type is a .exe that relies on many files within many directories.