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    Mathematical formula or "effect" in AE for exponential time duration decrease?

    pityocamptes Level 1

      In my composition I end with a montage of stills (48 in total) that need to be viewed within ~50 seconds (basically how much time I left for the coordinated stills to music). Does anyone know of a mathematical formula or "effect" that will allow for an exponential time duration decrease, where the first still shows at X time, the second is X-Y, etc, where each subsequent still decreases in time duration?


      I have played around with the time durations for the amount of time I have left and the amount of stills, but it doesn't really flow smoothly, sort of choppy... looking for something more concrete as to what each stills time value should be until it reaches the last still which should be a little more than zero. I hope this all made sense. Thanks again!!