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    Scripting searches, orders, and shopping carts.

    IAuchmoody27 Level 1

      I have a page that I want to sell boxes. I want the consumer to be able to input and search using the criteria they desire: length, width, or height, or any combination of those, or price.


      I need to be able to list my products in an orderly fashion which means making sure the right picture is with the right item, which is with the right details, which is with the right price/dimensions.


      I just began learning web design so I really am not even sure what languages I need to learn. I'm just getting the hang of html and CSS but now I need some scripting languages to back it up.


      So what I need to know is:

      • How do I create a database that will store all of my products and keep their pictures associated with them?
      • How do I make it so my forms are able to search for and pull the right items from the database?
      • How do I list the results of the search in an orderly fashion with all the right associations?
      • Should I be using a table to list the results or is there a better way, such as a spry widget?
      • How do I set up a shopping cart for my page?
      • Which language will best help me with these issues?


      Obviously, I don't expect a full explaination of exactly how to do these things, but I'm sure you can point me in the right direction.


      Thank you.