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    RH7 applying bullet style when not in CSS


      I am using RH7 html in TCS1 in Windows XP.


      This is how my StepIntro style displays in RoboHelp.

      Here is the style as it appears in my fmstyles.css.stepIntro.gif


      StepIntro {
      font-family: "Adobe Garamond Pro", serif;
      border-top-style: Solid;
      font-size: 12pt;
      margin-top: 12pt;
      margin-bottom: 10pt;
      border-top-width: 1px;



      In RoboHelp, it displays as a bullet. It is mapped as not having a bullet and having a top border in the style setting. Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to fix it?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you absolutely positive that the style is mapped correctly and that the correct CSS is applied to the topic? It seems that the paragraph is positioned in a list, so can you check the HTML of the paragraph? If its inside li and ul tags, it's defenitely a list.


          Also, what kind of style is StepIntro? A paragraph style? In that case, try changing the name to P.StepIntro in your style sheet.






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            cvgrtmhf Level 1

            Thank you for suggesting I look at the html. I was quite surprised to see that the style StepIntro was indeed inside an unordered list. I am using structured Frame 8 and importing the book by reference into RoboHelp html 7. StepIntro is not in a list in Frame but apparently it is converted into a list in RoboHelp. There is the word Task in the EDD that precedes the wording (Adding a For Each statement) but that does not convert. Maybe there is something in the EDD causing this? Here is the Frame document showing tags followed by the html in Robohelp. Is there a way to prevent RoboHelp from interpreting this as a list? This style is used throughout multiple books, so manually removing the <ul><li> is not really an option.