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    Another HSlider question

    cheftimo Level 2

      I have an HSlider that filters products displayed by min & max prices. When a thumb is pressed, the data tip shows the price at the slider point where the thumb sits at that moment.


      My question: how would I reference those thumb data tip values so I can display them on labels above the slider?


      In other words, I want the thumb data tip to remain visible to the user, not go away when the thumb is released


      Any tips? (I don't mean data tips).



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          NonTakenUserName Level 1

          I did exactly this for an application; what I ended up doing was extending the slider control and adding two custom ToolTip objects to it (one for each thumb) and a listener for THUMB_DRAG to update the value and position of each object.

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            cheftimo Level 2

            Fortunately, I was able to solve it in a simpler way. In my case, I already have a class called ProductFilter that carries all these values and I was able to get them from there.


            But thank you, NonTaken, what you say makes sense and would have been the way to go if I didn't have that filter class available.