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    Opening pdf in IE8 Causes freeze


      I'm not sure whats happened but using Adobe Reader 9.3 on my Win7 x64 desktop or my Laptop if I try to open a pdf in the browser it loads up and starts to display but then freezes IE 8.0. It's hit or miss and if I try several times it will sometimes finally open properly but the rest of the time it just freezes up IE 8 and I have to use task manager to close the browser and retry to open the file. The same files open fine using Adobe Reader so its not a problem with the files. This only started happening recently but as I said on both my laptop and my desktop computers and I'm going bald trying to solve the problem. Previously I had no issues with opening a pdf using the browser.


      Things I've tried:


      1. Using the repair feature in Acrobat Reader - No Joy


      2. Completely uninstalling/reinstalling Acrobat reader - again no joy


      3. Tried uninstalling Acrobat.com and AIR - still no joy


      4. Tried someones suggestion about adding reg key for reader/install - starting to pull hair out


      Basically I'm at my wits end trying to figure out whats going on. Anyone else having the same problem/issue?

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          cheaphotelsinnnet Level 1

          I used to have that problem. It's possible that it's your internet settings, and not your actual adobe. Try going to something like "tools..." then "internet options..." then click on the advanced tab. Then you can scroll down and find something that has to do with PDFs.

          If that doesn't work, you may want to just try installing mozilla firefox or some other free browser.

          Actually, to tell you the truth, I've had that problem before even without the settings with internet explorer, and sometimes even with firefox. Sometimes the server is slow it could be a number of problems...

          So the other option is to right click the link and do a "save as" and just not open it in internet explorer.



          edit: I just checked and I don't think the advanced settings are the same as they used to be. There used to be a lot more advanced settings. Anyways, I think if you try just saving the target URL. If it's in google sometimes they have a redirect so you can't just right click on the link and save you have to actually hit properties and then copy the destination URL and save it that way. If you load the page and it's frozen but the page still comes up, you can do file save as... and save the file to pdf.


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            JMcguay Level 1

            Well, for example, I have some of my schoolbooks in pdf format. They are on my home computer drive. They will open fine using Adobe Reader or Nitro PDF Pro, it's only when I try to open them using IE. I also had the problem with a pdf coming across the web as well.


            I went where you said but found no refrences to pdf's at all.The only thing close was something like "enable 3rd party browser extentions" which was checked.

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              I fixed the same problem by resetting the security of all zones.


              Internet options->Security->Reset all zones to default level (you might get away with doing just the Internet zone)


              Close all IE instances then rerun IE.


              I was then able to open the PDF listed in a Google search.


              See if this works for you.

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                Do you know what add-ons you are running?  This could also be a factor, as running certain/alot of add-ons can freeze up certain aspects of IE8.


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                  Valley Vet

                  I was able to correct this problem by resetting IE8 to the default settings.  Go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, and Reset Internet Explorer settings.  You may also want to try "Restore Advanced Settings."

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                    I have a similar issue and have tried all of the suggestions above and no luck.  I've also uninstalled IE8, reverted back to IE7 and still had the same issue.



                    When I open a PDF document it opens on a new tab (this is fine).  The PDF opens up just fine, BUT if I close the PDF (i.e. the new tab that the PDF opened up on), my IE session freezes.  I can repeat this 100% of the time!!!!  I have to force IE closed (Task Manager) and then restart it and then it's fine again until I open another PDF document.


                    Software info

                    IE 8

                    I have Adobe Reader 9.3.4

                    I also have Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and Acrobat Distiller 5.0 installed on my machine as I use it to edit PDF documents

                    Adobe AIR

                    Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX

                    Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin

                    Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5



                    Windows XP Prof SP3 Tablet Version


                    Any ideas to fix this would be greatly appreciated.  PS - I must use IE because Firefox and other browsers aren't compatible with several other things that I do.


                    Thanks in advance.