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    Can a photo gallery like this be created in html/CSS?

    onefiftymph Level 1

      http://jeffsullivan.smugmug.com/Landscapes/National-Parks/Zion-National-Park-Utah/1946310_ 6PtgP#136213013_XVhBQ



      I like the way these galleries expand to browser width - both the thumbs and big image enlarge. I want to learn to make a photo gallery (+ slideshow) perform like this or hire someone with the specific skill set needed to make it for me. I've looked around quite a bit online at photo gallery apps, both free and for sale, including some offered by forum regulars (thanks!), but haven't found one I really liked.


      My intent is not to copy this gallery (that would be stealing),  just to adopt the expanding images- to browser width feature.


      I know Flash could do it but I don't see .swf anywhere in the source... would it be done with Javascript or a combination of apps?