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    MC Button Hovers Instead of Down State


      I have a mc button that has two key frames inside the mc, one "on" and one "off" state.

      What I need it to do is toggle between on and off when clicked.


      Right now it toggles between on and off when I hover even though I didn't specify it to hover.


      I am using actionscript 2 and here is what I have on the MC button:


      on (release) {


      {this.art._visible = false; button.gotoAndStop("off");




      this.art._visible = true; button.gotoAndStop("on");}




      So when you click on this button an image gets hidden and when clicked again it appears. I just need the button to toggle between on and off correctly. Does anybody see in this code where it would hover? The frames also have the 'stop' script on them as well.


      I have searched google forever for a solution and it is probably very very very simple.

      Let me know if you need any other details. thank you