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    Will flash contain a complexity vector drawing manager one day?

    MasaMune69 Level 1

      I'm currently studying the complexity of vector drawing vs the bitmap.


      The purpose of the following text is to have an idea of the complexity of vector drawing to make decisions such as reducing
      its complexity or using bitmap.

      To understand the complexity:


      I assume that for bitmap drawing, you have two distinct steps

             Read the pixel and print them on screen.


      With vector drawing, a single frame can contain several shapes. Two distincts steps can be seen as well such as :

           1. Update the points, equations of the lines making a shape.

           2. For each shape, you need a process, that will print the colors shape at a given pixel on screen
               according to the equations of the lines.

      My point is that for a bitmap its relatively easy to figure out the number of instructions needed to perform its
      drawing on screeen, because you can count the pixels on which you perform a read and write operation.

      As for vectors, it would be nice to find a way to explain to the user the complexity of the current drawing he's


      Several methods like the number of shapes on the frame, number of lines and point for a specific shape that can contribute
      to either reduce it complexity by removing lines or shapes.


      I think we could study the number of instructions needed for a vector drawing vs the bitmap drawing to have a complexity
      comparison and prompt to the user several tools and messages so h'es informed.