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    Data1.cab file too large in Default User folder...


      We are experiencing an issue on our project where a file (Data1.cab) is created within the

      Reader 9.1 and Reader 9.3 folders of the ...Default User\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe folder location.

      These files are too large for our system and taking up unnecessary amounts of space on our hard drives (averaging 104 MB in size each). Every time a new user logs onto the system, their profile is created and these 104 mb Data1.cab files are created. We want to know how we can:


      a) automatically off-load these files to another location


      b) change a setting that would not generate the Data1.cab files every time a new profile is created or at least reduce the size of the file significantly upon creation.


      Any advice on the matter would be much appreciated.




      - Brian