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    Adobe Flex & AJAX bridge & ExtJS


      I'm having problems when trying to put my Flex application on Ext panel. I mean, when the control is placed outside Ext items everything works great. I can call JavaScript functions through ExternalInterface and call Flex application methods using FABridge. But placing Flex object inside Ext panel causes calling FAB initialization to break - there is an error 0x80004005 when trying to get FABridge[<bridge_name>].root() during intialization callback. I've tried different computers (clients) and still it doesn't work. The only working case was for FireFox when Flex application object is embedded with <embed> tag. I'm trying to figure it out for two days and I'm pretty stuck with it.


      The attachment contains rendered web page source. The Flex object name is DataSources.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.