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    DVD Menu Templates


      I have noticed when trying to use several of the pregenerated templates that chapter names do not always line up under the pictures the same way.  For instance if a menu page has three buttons the center and right button might have the text for the chapter name centered under the picture but the button on the left has the text offset to the right.  Is there a way to edit the position of this text under the preview picture or are these templates just faulty and I have to hope for an update before using them?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you give an example of a Menu Set, where this is happening to you? I'll be glad to take it apart in PS and see what might be causing this.


          Now, are the Chapter Names of similar length, i.e. about the same number of characters?


          Because of the semi-automatic nature of the use of Menu Sets, and the population of the Chapter Names, it might not be directly addressable, or it might just mean a little tweak to the Menu Set in Photoshop.


          Good luck,



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            Rivercoon Level 1

            Dreamscape, under the General set seams to have the text for the chapter menues all over.  Some centered.   Some offset left.  Some offset right.  The number of characters is different in each but I would still expect they would offset the same direction at least.  Sure wish there was at least an alignment control to help compensate.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              As fate would have it, my PrE 4 does not have the Dreamscape Menu Set. Maybe someone with a later version of PrE can Open the Scene Selection .PSD in Photoshop, and look at the Justification of the type in each of the Buttons. If you have PS, or PSE, can you Open the Scene Select Menu from that Set, and tell us what the Justification is. If you Dbl-click on the icon for the Text Layer, within the Button Layer Set, and look in the Character/Paragraph Palette (PSE should have this, and I know that PS does), the Justification should be shown, as Align Left, Align Center, Align Right.


              Now, with many Scene Selection Menus, I see different Justification, with Align Left for the first thumbnail, Align Center for the second, and then Align Right for the third (in a 3 across matrix), but that should cause a problem, unless the Chapter Names exceed the width allowed by the spacing of the thumbnails. This sounds like what you are seeing. I use such Justification for my Buttons Text Layer when I create them for use in Adobe Encore. However, I also will name my Buttons and manually add the correct Text for the Timeline that I will Link to. Note: there is no semi-automatic Menu creation function, and all Linking, etc., is done by hand. Same for the number of Scene Selection Menus. If one needs 4 of these, they must create 4. PrE does this automatically, based on the number of Chapters and the the number of Buttons per Scene Selection Menu - things are different between the authoring functions of these two Adobe programs.


              I have to admit that I do not know how PrE might handle Word Wrap for Button Text, if necessary. I wonder if that could be part of the issue here?


              By the DVD-specs., no Button may overlap any other Button. The size of a Button is determined by a rectangle that encompasses the largest element in the Button. There is also a limit to the total number of Buttons allowed: 32 for a 4:3 Menu, and 16 for a 16:9 Menu. Because PrE uses the Menu Set Templates, one is pretty much limited to the Buttons on those Templates. If more Buttons are needed by the number of Chapters, then PrE will just create additional Scene Selection Menus, using the Next & Back Buttons, on the Menus, where they are applicable.


              Over time, we've found some little "glitches" in different Adobe Menu Templates. Most of these have been rather benign, such as a particular font, that is not included in an Adobe suite, used in a Menu in Encore. This is an easy fix, as one just gets that particular font, or they substitute. PrE's Menu Set Templates have been pretty much trouble/error free. Not so for some of the Menus available on the Internet. Still, could be a glitch, that no one has encountered yet.


              Wish that I could be more helpful. Maybe others can study the Dreamscape Menu Set and can shed some light on the issue.


              Good luck,




              PS - if Steve G wants to send me that Scene Selection Menu, I promise to only study it, and then delete it. Since I do not have the current version of PrE, I am not allowed to use the © Functional Content from later versions. In case my POP address is now missing from my Adobe Profile (seems to come and go these days), I can receive large attachments at infoAThuntphotoDOTcom. Obviously, the AT = @ and the DOT = a period, dot. Best that I can do for now.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'll send it to you soon, Hunt.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thank you. I have a strong feeling that it's an Align Left, Align Center, Align Right thing, but would like to verify that.


                  It could well be that the OP would much prefer an Align Center for all Buttons' Text, and that should be easy to accommodate in PS/PSE, so long as it does not create other issues, mostly outlined above.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Steve G.,


                    Got it, and just as I suspected, it's Justification. That Scene Selection Menu contains a 2 x 2 matix of thumbnails. The left column has Text Justified Align Left, and the right column has Text Justified Align Right. That's pretty much how I would design such a Menu (remember, I change the Text to match the individual Timelines).


                    Now, what the OP can do is alter the Button Text Justification (only think that it would have to be done for the language that the program has been installed in, and not all of the rest). Personally, I would Copy that Button Layer Set, along with the thumbnail display images) to another Sub-folder in the hierarchy, and modify THAT, not the original, especially if something goes horribly wrong.


                    Thanks for letting me study the Menu.


                    Now, so very much will depend on the OP having PS/PSE to make the changes. Not sure that I would, but Align Center for each column (note: this cannot be done "globally," and will have to be done for the Text Layer in each Button Layer Set in the column.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      This is an update on the Alignment of the Text in the Button Layer Sets in Sub-Menus.


                      I just changed the Justification of Sub-Menu Button Text from Align Center to Align Left in PS. I only did this for the installation's language, in this case US_EN. I left the other languages alone, and used the Menu in a test Project. Everything worked perfectly. Now, as I always recommend, I would make sure that I had a copy of the original Sub-Menu saved elsewhere, just in case something goes bad. It would be a lot of work to get that original Asset back, should things go terribly wrong. In my test case, they worked perfectly.


                      So, for anyone with a desire to change the Justification of any of the Button Text Layers in the DVD Templates, you can do it in PS/PSE. You will need to reset the Attribute for the Sub-Menu .PSD file, as it is marked Read Only. You can just Select each of that Menu's Button Text Layers for your installed language, and alter the Justification in the Paragraph Palette. Only caveat is that by the DVD-specs., NO Button may overlap another. By the specs., the "area" of a Button is described as a rectangle that encompasses the largest element of that Button. It is this "area," that may NOT overlap. If you encounter problems, it is likely that you have moved the Text to a point, where one Button now overlaps another - this is a big No-No!


                      Good luck, and I hope that this helps,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Great research, Hunt! Thanks for all of your efforts here.