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    List and paragraph styles in default.css for Robohelp 8

    NorBec Level 1

      I am creating a new project template using a stylesheet that was created in a legacy project. I am deleting a bunch of paragraph styles from the legacy default.css that are no longer in use.


      In my legacy style sheet, default.css, each paragraph style has an equivalent list style, preceded by P-.  I am deleting any list style that matches paragraph styles I no longer want.  Is there any reason to keep the list styles for the paragraph style from the legacy default.css that I do want to keep? In writing, I've decided to delete them.  My question to this forum is, will any default list styles be automatically recreated?


      • Are list styles "P-" (related to a paragraph style of same name) remnants of former robohelp editions?  Are the Kadov styles that I removed also unnecessary?


      While on the topic of list styles, I find that a list style is better than a paragraph style for numbered lists.  The paragraph style is not compliant when I want to continue numbering after a break for unnumbered text.  (instead of starting at the new number, it just removes the number all together.  The list style seems to do what it's supposed to when set to restart at the designated number.


      This topic was hard to find in the forum, so I hope it helps others.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          If you delete the paragraphs, you can simply delete the list styles. (I delete all those styles, even for the paragraphs I use).


          They are not remnants of earlier versions, but they help style your lists. If you click the paragraph button and then select a style, RH will assign the P- style to the li tag. This makes sure that your list is rendered correctly and you'll be thankfull for these styles when you update to RH8.


          You seem to have figured this out already, but let me warn you anyway: If you create a list, do NOT simply select a paragraph style for either numbered or bulleted lists! Always click the list button first and then select a style! If you don't, your lists will work in RH7, but not in RH8.






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