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    Multi-Artboard export to multi-file PDF


      Hey gang.


      I have an Illustrator CS4 document with 51 artboards.  I would like to easily export each artboard to its own PDF file based on a PDF preset.  Currently when I do save as I can select the indivual artboard and it will only save the content on that artboard to a PDF file.  However I don't want to do that 51 times for each design file (100+ design files).


      Any thoughts on how to export a single artboard in a multi-artboard document to a single PDF file for each artboard in the file?





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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will probably have to do it in two steps. When you do a Save As from an AI file with multiple art boards you can choose All in the Save dialog. This will make a PDF with a page for each art board. In Acrobat you can then extract the pages to individual files.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            This makes the most sense. there is aI believe a script floating around that might also do this but I amnot certain of this.

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              tomdottom10 Level 1

              Well I ended up writing something to solve this problem.  I hope this snippet helps somebody else stuck in a similar situation.  This applescript saves each artboard as its own PDF file based on a pdf preset and flattener preset.



              -- User configuration


              set PDFPreset to " " ----------- YOUR PDF PRESETS HERE -------------
              set PDFFlat to " " ----------- YOUR FLATTENER PRESETS HERE -------------
              set DefaultLoc to " " ----------- YOUR DEFAULT SAVE LOCATION HERE -------------


              -- User configuration



              set theDesignName to " "
              set destFolder to " "
              set destFile to " "


              tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
                  if (count every document) > 0 then
                      if (count every document) > 1 then
                          display alert "Please have only 1 file open in Illustrator to perform this PDF export."
                          -- what file is it and where do we want to export
                          display dialog "Please enter the desired export filename name:" default answer theDesignName
                          if button returned of result is "OK" then
                              set theDesignName to text returned of result as string
                              set destFolder to choose folder with prompt "Please select the folder to save " & theDesignName & " :" default location DefaultLoc
                              set numArtboardsPrintable to count every artboard in document 1
                              display dialog "Exporting " & numArtboardsPrintable & " individual files."
                              -- Export the artboards to individual PDF files with a PDF presets
                              repeat with incr from 1 to numArtboardsPrintable
                                  set PDFExportSettings to {class:PDF save options, PDF preset:PDFPreset, view pdf:false, flattener preset:PDFFlat, artboard range:(incr)}
                                  set destFile to destFolder & theDesignName & "-" & incr as string
                                  save document 1 in file destFile as pdf with options PDFExportSettings
                              end repeat
                              display dialog "All done."
                          end if
                      end if
                      display alert "Open a document before running this script"
                  end if
              end tell

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                MWHebert Level 1

                Never mind, I see it was answered.

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                  The big problem with this method is that when you extract pages from the pdf, the "unseen" artboards are still there. So if you are working with an image heavy file for example, and you open up your "single" extracted page in AI, you will see that those extra artboards (and extra images) are still present. Very inefficient. I think AI 5 resolved this issue- but I don't have it yet.

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                    timlogochair Level 1

                    This is the exact script I need, except I am on a Windows machine.  Is it possible to convert this easily to javascript so I can use it on Windows?  Desperately in need of this script.