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    Problems with aspect ratios on export

    Greg McKay


      CS4 PPro with all current updates

      Win 7 64bit machine
      Editing using the DV NTSC widescreen 48kHz sequence settings. Pixel aspect ratio 16:9 (1.21)

      All of my graphics and video looks fine in the preview window as you can see in this screen capture. That logo is round.


      Here's where the problem arises, when I export it to Adobe Media encoder it also appears to look ok.


      But once the clip is exported and I playback the .mov file the video is squeezed and the logo is now oblong.

      Not sure what to do as I've edited this entire video and do not have time to start over from scratch.


      Here's the screen capture of the file in Quicktime. It does the same thing if I export it as an avi and play it in WMP.

      Any help would be appreciated.