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    Text Input Help!


      Hello, I have a couple questions when it comes to using text input:


      After typing into a text input component, how can I get the cursor to disappear?? If I click outside it, that doesn't work. If I press enter, that doesn't work. If I click a custom component, that doesn't work. Is clicking a wireframe component, like a button or a data list, the only way?


      Is there a way to make text input connected? For example, say I have a text input component and a search button. If I type "dog" into the text input and click search, a box appears that displays the results. Could I make it say "Your search for <blank> returned 5 results" where <blank> is whatever I just typed (in this case, "dog")?



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Sponce,


          1) You are correct. Once a component has focus (i.e. the cursor), the only way for it to lose focus is for another component to gain focus. You can work around this with some programming, but you can't do it in FC. This actually seems wrong to me, so I'm going to file an enhancement request about it.


          2) There is no way to do this in the current version of FC. (But of course, you can code it if you're willing to go to Flash Builder). We certainly hope to add it in the future. How would you imagine that working?