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    Rear mic works, but not the front.

      I've seen that many people have had problems with getting their microphones to work, but I have another problem still (I believe). I have two mic connectors on my computer: one at the front and one at the rear. I can use both without problems. The only thing to do when changing from one to the other is adjusting the audio settings in windows: check the 'select' box at either 'rear mic' (for the rear mic) or 'microphone' (for the front mic). The rear mic also works perfectly in my trial version of Captivate 3.0. However, when I want to use the front mic (because the cord is rather short), something goes wrong. The audio is set to 'microphone' and in Captivate also 'microphone' is selected (the other options are 'line-in' and 'system audio', which is greyed out btw). I can hear the mic working right up till the moment the 'audio test' is performed by Captivate, then it's turned off. If I skip the audio test, the mic turns off as soon as the actual recording begins. When I check the Windows audio settings afterwards, the 'select' box is checked at 'rear mic' again, instead of 'microphone' where I had put it. How do I keep Captivate from messing with my settings?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi gwn369

          It's not clear as to exactly how you are configuring the microphone in Windows. Which is why I offer the following. If what I'm offering is exactly the approach you are using, I apologize for being redundant.

          In Windows, try clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. You should see a "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" dialog with some tabs. Click the Audio tab and you should find places where you configure the default device you wish Windows to use.

          As for the System Audio being disabled, I believe it is totally related to the capabilities of your audio hardware. Or, more accurately, it's related to what Captivate believes your audio capabilities to be. I once had a conversation with a TechSmith person asking why this feature was disabled for me in Camtasia. After asking what brand my PC was, he replied with something along the lines of "oh, that explans it. Dell puts sucky audio cards in their laptops.".

          Cheers... Rick
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            gwn369 Level 1
            Hi (again ;-)) Rick,

            Thanks for your suggestion, but in those settings you can only specify the default hardware (your mic and/or speakers), not the connector on the computer that will be used. That is done in the 'volume settings'. But then the thing is, as I tried to explain, that Captivate seems to overrule my choice for 'microphone' and chooses 'rear mic' for me, although I really don't want that.

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              LyonLover Level 1
              Hi Gwen,
              For about 5 dollars at Radio Shack you should be able to get an extension for your microphone that would let you use the rear jack and avoid your problem.