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    Does converting native RAW to DNG strip out useful sensor information?


      Does converting native RAW files to DNG strip out potentially useful camera-specific sensor information?


      I've been considering adopting a top-down DNG workflow, i.e., importing my NEF RAW files and immediately converting to DNG for all further processing/developing. I'd always assumed that a DNG conversion included 100% of the information from the original RAW file. However, I just found this interesting--and slightly unsettling if absolutely and always true--statement from Apple. This is from an Apple tech support article (Article: HT2709) regarding its handling of DNG conversions in Aperture 2.x:


      The Auto Noise Compensation adjustment under Raw Fine Tuning is not available with DNG images. Auto Noise Compensation requires specific knowledge of the camera's sensor characteristics in combination with the ISO value of the image. DNG images do not provide the needed sensor information.


      Is this true across the board for all parametric image editors for all or some RAW-to-DNG files? Is sensor information specific to some or all camera models either being left out of or made inaccessible to the DNG conversion? Or is this limitation exclusive to Apple's Aperture and not necessarily true for other PIE products, such as Lightroom and/or Camera Raw?