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    Does anyone has problem with the Glossary tab in RB8?


      The glossary tab does'nt show on *CHM file. Does anyone has that problem?


      1) Install RH8 on XP SP2 and register hhactivex.dll

      2) Start RH8

      3) Create new project.

      4) Click on '+' sign of Glossary from Project Manager to expand it and double click the Glossary(Default) to show the GLossary Pod.

      5) Type 'First' in the Term input field on the Glossary Pod, and click the + button to add it.

      6) Go to the 'Definition for :first section of the Pod and type in 'First'

      7) Save and generate the CHM file


      This is the first time I create a new project in RH8 with Glossary.

      If I import a previous project created with RoboHelp for Office X4 which has Glossary, and convert project to RH8 format and generate the CHM file, then the CHM file has the Glossary tab.


      I can't possibly beleive it is a bug in RH8 . However, what mistake did I make?


      This happens on XP SP2, RH, on XP SP3 with RH, on Win7 with RH Basically, it doesn't matter on what PC we install RH8, doesn't matter how many time you register hhactivex.dll, the glossary tab never shows up. Howver, it shoes up on Winhelp.