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    Can't run, but have XP


      OK, sorry for the classic "probably been answered but posting yet again" noob thread mistake, but I don't care.  I'm poor and $100 is a lot for me.


      Anyway, I'm running PE8 with:


      AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 3800

      1 Gig of Ram

      Plenty of HD

      Upgraded to a PCI Express NVidia GeFOrce 210, 1/2 gig 64 bit ddr2


      I know this isn't enough for HD, but I don't need that right now.


      I have the updated NVidia driver (196 ish)


      I did the six .dll files thing.


      I can open and operate Organizer, no problem


      I can NOT open a project, whether through the welcome screen, or through organizer  File>New>Video Project


      If it helps, it seems to stop trying to open a new project when it says "Loading Audio Only".


      When I installed the video card, I did have to go through the BIOS to get my audio back on track, still don't know why.


      Anyway, please Sherlock me to success.  I have old Premiere Pro 2.0, and it's just too cumbersome to use, plus it's uber glitchy.


      On a total side note, can I PLEASE use this product, if ever, offline?  Please!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first thing that I would contemplate would be any running programs, or Processes, that load at boot up. This ARTICLE might give you some tips on setting up your computer, and also preparing for an editing session.


          I am assuming that you have gone to the mfgr's. sites and have installed the latest Video and Audio drivers. Also, the assumption is that you have the very latest version of Apple's QT Player installed.


          Also, is this a PrE 8 Project, that you are trying to edit? What are the source media files in it?


          Good luck,




          PS - what do you find wrong with PrPro? The reason that I ask is that PrPro 2.0 is my main NLE program, and I just love it. I run it on two XP-Pro SP3 boxes, and seldom have issues.

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            pacstud2002 Level 1

            Thanks.  I'll check out this weekend.  Some more notes.


            My audio is garbage onboard, whatever came with system.


            I don't mind PrePro2, but was looking for something simpler and quicker, and I thought I'd swing the PE8 bat.  MISS!  Would you say that I'm better off ditching PE8 and just sticking with the old Pro?


            Thanks again, and I'll get back to you after more dabbling.


            PS, as for import files, QT updates...I can't even get a project started.  So once I do, maybe then I'll be fortunate enough to have a crash problem.

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              pacstud2002 Level 1

              Also, if I end up going back to PrePro2, I might hit you up again on some ways to smooth out the problems I'm

              having there (mostly with choppy playback, even after rendering, unless I go .mpeg)

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                WAHunt3 Level 1

                As for going back to Pro, I really cannot advise you there. I use it, and love it, and so far, PrPro 2.0 has worked perfectly for me.


                If you do go that route, I'd post the problems to the PrPro forum. When you post there, take a look at this ARTICLE to get an idea of the types of info that would be very useful, so that others can troubleshoot the issues. The more detail, the better, as it will save you having to play 20 Questions.


                I'll be watching for a post in that forum, should you go back.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Sorry, but I did not realize that I had been logged-out. My "alter-ego" magically appeared.


                  Good luck,



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                    Paul787 Level 3

                    Have you considered Premiere Elements 7? It's quite a bit less demanding on your computer then PRE8 and was a very stable release.  A sealed copy can be picked up on eBay for $50 to $60, maybe less.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      It just came to my attention that you had only 1GB of RAM. PrE 8 will struggle mightily with such a low amount of memory. I'd look into adding the max for your MoBo, predicated on your OS. If 32-bit, then go for 4GB. You will only be able to directly use ~ 3.5GB, but you have not "wasted" much of that.


                      Make sure to perfectly match all RAM sticks, and also make sure that once installed, you update your BIOS via Setup at boot. If your computer is set to not show the POST (Power On Self Test), you might have to look at the documentation, or the BIOS mfgr's site, to get the exact keystroke needed to access Setup - usually the Delete (Del) key, but getting it in time is tricky. I always set my POST to display, so I can check out everything at boot.


                      RAM is very inexpensive now, and it will give PrE 8 a lot more "breathing room."


                      Good luck,