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    "Select all" in InDesign?




      How can I select all my content in the InDesign file? I'm "selecting all" from the edit menu but it doesn't seem to select all the content in all the pages, just the page that I'm on. Is there a way to select all of the content? For example I've got 100s of images and I want to select all of them to reduce their size instead of going to each image and selecting transform again.


      Thanks in advanced.

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          Shonkyin Level 3

          Hi Nenosy,


          You can't select all images and reduce it in once. In javascript this is possible here below is code:


          var myDoc =  app.activeDocument;

          var graphlength = myDoc.allGraphics.length;

          for(a=0; a<graphlength; a++)


          myDoc.allGraphics[a].absoluteHorizontalScale = 50;

          myDoc.allGraphics[a].absoluteVerticalScale = 50;