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    Can anyone throw any light on this message: Error 1095


      Since upgrading to Presenter 7 I have experienced a lot of compatability issues with the pulg-in.


      Recently Presenter 7 got into an error loop with PPT and so I decided to un/re-install, but rec'd this error: Error 1905:Module C:\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 7 Atldb.dll failed to unregister HResult - 2147220472. I cannot find this file.


      Now I cannot get the plug-in working again...each time I activate the plug-in I get a 'serious error' message from PPT and it asks me to de-activate, and so it goes in a loop. I have re-installed XP, Office 2003 and Presnter 7 with no beneficial effect....any clues on this problem?