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    Dreamweaver to CF Builder Transition Guide. Please!


      It would be extremely helpful if someone would release some sort of documentation to help us long-time Dreamweaver users transition to CF Builder.  From what I've been reading there are LOTS of coders/developers who claim to hate CF Builder already.  A good many citing the learning curve as the reason.  I'm trying hard to be open minded about it but if the learning curve is too steep, I'll divert back to Dreamweaver.  These days you have to stay productive to stay in business.


      After just a few minutes, I saw some features in CF Builder 3 that got me excited.  Unfortunately I got so frustrated over the fact that it took me almost an hour to figure out how to FTP a file to the server that I'm ready to uninstall it.  Setting up the FTP server connection was very straight forward but it took a while to figure out how to tie the FTP server connection to the project and actually upload a file.  I like the DW method for defining remote servers and the cmd+shift+u to upload a file.  In CF Builder it takes something like 3 clicks to upload a file after everything else is setup.  That's core functionality and shouldn't be buried that deep in my opinion.


      Like I said, some sort of "transition guide" may help Adobe sell this to those of us not currently using Eclipse.  For what it's worth, it's those same setup/configuration/learning curve issues that caused me to dump Flex Builder and give up on the whole Flex platform even though I see huge potential there.