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    Links are causing a new page to open...

    brightbelt Level 1


        I'm on DW CS4 and I've used FW CS3 for the navigation. I've tested this site on the latest Firefox, Safari and IE browsers and on all the browsers, there are 2 or so links that seem to force opening the page in a new window.


      While this isn't inherently bad, it makes me think there is something wrong with the links, so just to be safe, I set all the targets in FW to 'self', which is I hope the best choice to correct this. Not sure there, so if there's a better choice, let me know.


      Here's the site: www.clairefrazier.com  - and to save you the trouble, I can tell you that it is the 'Bio' and 'Gallery' links which are doing this.


      I really appreciate any help on this,

      Many Thanks, Frank B.