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    Memory required to run PPro with AM3 socket and phenom II x4 3.2ghz

    bertrenolds Level 1

      I am upgrading my system because I finally got a HDV camcorder and I am wondering If 4gb of OCZ reaper pc3-12800 memory will be enough to edit hdv video in PPro CS3. I am thinking they might be comming out with affordable 4gb pc3-12800 sicks in the near future and my board only has 4 memory slots, it's a biostar TA790GX A3+. Can I make it on 4gb's or should I drop the extra cash and get 4 more gigabytes or pc3-12800 memory? And I know the new intel's are better but I am on a budget and I just need something that gets the job done that can playback video at real speed. I plan to OC as well.